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Thanksgiving 2017 in WV

News, Baby ·Sunday November 26, 2017 @ 18:02 EST (link)

David Geoffrey's first trip over an hour. He did not like being in his car seat so long, and once cried himself to sleep (ear protection came in handy), but generally did well during the six-hour trip. We headed up Wednesday evening, leaving after my Nikon D850 (finally!) arrived. It no longer takes CompactFlash cards, but I had already bought a couple of XQD cards and a USB reader. These pictures, then, are the last with the D300, and the first time Grandpa Hedrick got to see his grandson:

Now we switch to the D850 (and the next morning, after charging the battery); quite easy to setup; the biggest changes I made were to set it to shoot NEF and JPEG like the D300. The charger is a little different; for one, no cord; there's a "local" plug that attaches directly to the block the battery sits in.

The last picture is of Honey and DGR at her parents' old house; they moved to her grandfather Pollock's house after he passed, about a year and a half ago, and it's for sale, so Honey wanted a picture. I also took some photos of the interior to be shown to potential buyers; it was nice to have my 20mm wide angle "back" for that (full frame vs. DX crop).

We had a great turkey dinner, and also went to see Steve, Peter, and Jack at China One (Bing and Shirley were in China), and ate at Twin Falls park restaurant.