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I cannot be silent

News, Law, Baby ·Thursday August 20, 2020 @ 16:15 EDT (link)

One minute I am feeding my son blueberries, and the next she rips him away. "It's seven o'clock" she says, and runs out. With my heart, a tiny boy who doesn't deserve the harm she chose, and keeps choosing over, and over, and over, and over again. How does a moral person do this, how does someone who called herself a Christian, with all that implies (or should)? Does she get numb to the harm—a seared conscience? Does she want my money so badly that nothing else matters? She would still get it even if she didn't keep my son from me.

So I'm back at the hotel room at Twin Falls—just about, maybe the only place to stay in the county—I was at a campsite (same park) earlier in the week, but the electric sites (which I need to work) were fairly booked up leading up to the weekend, wondering how she drives off with my son after I have a mere three hours (court-ordered; she would not let me see him otherwise) with him, taking him from his father. Is she an honest-to-god psychopath/sociopath (not all of them are murderers, many live quieter lives)? It cannot be ruled out.

If she just wants to be gone (to live with her parents, to be with someone else from her town yet unrevealed, etc.), there were, if I can use the term, "more Christian"—less evil—ways of doing things. She could have agreed to a settlement, or filed in Indiana, rather than trying to drag me into court six hours away; and she definitely never needed to keep David Geoffrey from his father. Why maximize evil, and maximize harm? She was always easily led; her lawyer might be putting her up to it (but that does not absolve her), or her mother (somehow I don't think Doug is behind or contributing to this, especially after he tried to make things right with me, perhaps prompted by his surgery—and he is recovering well!—but maybe also by the Spirit). If she had filed in Indiana in 2018 and come to a just settlement, it would all have been over in a couple months: but she had to string me along for six months so they could do custody in WV, which meant getting a Writ of Prohibition for the rest (and maybe another one this year—what's a year without one, after all?); and what does she care? She had my son, and kept him from me. She was living with her parents like she wanted, probably pretending some false "single mom" martyrdom. Well, readers, it just ain't so and never was; she took a big pile of money with her when she ran off with my son, and required me to pay even more so I could see him in 2018. I don't know how much she's wasted; it will come to light eventually. That's my hard work, my labor, my time away from home and (then sane) family; it's nothing to her.

Did you know I have a right, upheld by the Constitution of these United States, and (most of the time) by the courts, and (almost always) by the Supreme Court, to talk about this horror that she's putting me through? They tried for a speech ban; the Supreme Justice Court of Massachusetts just shot down something similar; and while the case does not apply directly, the Supreme Court precedents certainly do. I may be beset by great evil, and evil people, but I no more have to be silent about it than David the king.