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Not any less crazy

News, School, Law, Baby ·Friday August 30, 2019 @ 16:38 EDT (link)

Today is our 16th anniversary.

This situation does not seem any less crazy even after about a year and a half after my wife ran off with my son. I still can't comfortably say the "d" word; I still refer to it as "great evil", which it is.

On reflection, I can add a few things: she never considered reconciling, even though she pretended to; she only claimed it so that I wouldn't file here to bring David home. Once that became less likely, she stopped communicating entirely. Her whole attitude reeks of guilt; she knows she has done wrong, but doesn't care, because she desperately wants it. But I don't know what kind of crazy she has. I have difficulty believing she is a Christian, as she claimed; she may not be.

She is keeping me from my son, David. I have not been able to see him since November. His development appears to be, from the little I see him, hindered; he is not where he should be according to the books I'm reading. To David Geoffrey: Your father loves you and will always fight for you and is sorry this great evil has been done to us.

Since reading so many cases due to her filing, I have developed an increasing interest in the law. More about that in a few months. Legally, at present, she filed in November, and since WV doesn't have jurisdiction, my attorney has petitioned to throw the whole thing out. A hearing for that is coming up. I hope maybe I'll learn at some point in the proceedings why she ran off, but I understand I may not (since she may hide behind lies and false accusations, and everywhere has "no-fault" divorce).

Many states now have a "rebuttable presumption" of 50/50 custody, and psychologists say it is in the best interests of the child(ren). It's important that David be able to come home and to spend time with his father; being there is doing him no favors (they are 0 for 4…) and the lack of a father for long enough is a predictor of a multitude of ills.

If she had died, I could mourn her. But because she turned into a horror and did horrible things, I don't have closure. All I can do is fight for my son.